AH, thanks for the lead on 2. Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP If it is supported by the kernel driver uvcvideo module then it should just work. Now enter zoneminder control panel and define the camera with the following settings: Get it from the Sourceforge release page. Email Required, but never shown. When I plug it in, nothing happens. The time now is

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Get it from the Sourceforge release page. Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP If it is supported by the kernel driver uvcvideo module then it should just work. I think ZoneMinder is working properly, since I can access it via http: In that case, you could go for the Quickcam Prowhich is a x device supported by the linux-uvc driver.

Here is a post with a little more detail on libwebcam http: Here is the code for controlpt. The Wiki didn’t seem to want me to create a new account, so I couldn’t update page myself. November 13th, 9.

See Cookie Policy for details. This error means “No Content. I verified that the webcam was working in luvcview and ekiga before attempting to install ZoneMinder.


I changed the resolution to x, still red, no picture. But when I try and use it while the cam is in use by another application I get a “device or resource busy” message.

November 12th, 7. Was it documented what to put in for Host Path? The time now is A little more – once I have tried running guvcview, both camorama or cheese are unable to detect the camera until I’ve rebooted. Originally Posted by Alveric.

Almost everyone will use this driver.

Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP

I believe it worked as described. I still wish I could use this webcam with ZoneMinder since I am very impressed with ZM’s interface and plethora of options.

I’ve searched for this functionality and it seems to be supported in a driver UVC? Select all Error, failed to get channel 0 attributes: November 13th, 8.

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Howard, could you elaborate on what exactly you changed in track. Keep in mind that Dean’s method assumes a x frame. To be able to control the Logitech Sphere you orbkt one of the latest versions of the pwc driver.


When you connect it, confirm the driver in use So this patch and the control PHP needs to be modified if you’re using a different size. Other than that no problems, apart from the output from the final test command. The requested completed successfully but the resource requested is empty has zero length “. Colin Dean 2 3 Those 3 webcams also work in USB 1.

The name loogitech the program was ” setpwc “.

The original work was done by Georg Acher and was known as qce-ga ; Jean-Frederic Clere took that driver and created the first Video4Linux V4L driver, enabling popular V4L applications such as Xawtv to display pictures from the webcam. The developers’ list, like the users’ list, is reflected to Usenet at gmane. November 12th, 5.