Their immensely popular KK line of motherboards has already won over the hearts of performance users and overclockers a like with it’s superb performance, stability, and astonishing ability to reach ungodly bus speeds If you’re shooting for really high core speeds, you have to use MHz or higher FSB speeds, because the multipliers only go up to 13X. If you connect a case connector switch lead – like power or reset – backwards, it ought to work fine. Here’s the KK’s drive connectors, which have exactly this problem. However, our test sample isn’t one of the much nicer “-R” models, so we’ll just be skipping over that whole area.

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The way around this problem is to opt for a motherboard that has all of its CPU settings in software.

At the end of these modern slots, though, there’s a throwback to days of yore – an ISA slot, sharing a back panel connector with PCI slot number 6.

It won’t quite have the performance of BaseT Ethernet, but it doesn’t require any special hardware on the other computer, and the five metre maximum USB cable kk266plu should give you decent positioning flexibility.

Any software that supports the CMI chipset will work in 5. Whether they can do this depends partly on the adjustment options provided, and partly on the physical design of the board – running at higher-than-specified speeds requires better-than-standard motherboard design.

The KK, on the other hand, has audio as one of its prime selling points. This little line of “D-LEDs” replaces the usual cryptic startup beep codes that most motherboards use to tell you when something’s not right with the kk266pljs system setup. And, as this Anandtech piece notes, you can also get around the problem by lowering your CPU’s apparent default multiplier.


Iwill KKPlus – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KTA Overview – CNET

This board could be just right for your next desktop machine. However, our test sample isn’t one of the much nicer “-R” models, so we’ll just be skipping over that whole area. Its special feature is its high-powered built-in sound, which is likely to be interesting to the home theatre and home audio studio enthusiasts out there. They never give you much of an idea about the processor’s real core temperature, and you can’t kk266pluz readings across different motherboards, even if they’re boards of the same model.

After all, why invest more time and effort into such an aging chipset?

Crippled RAID controller; ordinary onboard audio. For most people’s purposes, these two motherboards have identical IDE-drive-connecting capabilities – but they are actually different.

IWill KK266 Plus Motherboard Reviews

Kk266plu work at MHz, but won’t run at full speed. Since Socket A CPUs before the “Palomino” core Athlons don’t have an internal thermal sensor, motherboards have to use an external sensor, which is usually just a little thermal probe sitting on the motherboard in the middle of the CPU socket. But at the very start of the boot process, they use the CPU’s default multiplier – not the lower one you’ve set in the BIOS configuration. I’ve no idea whether it’ll actually work better; I doubt it, to be honest, because all motherboard CPU thermal sensors I’ve seen are useful only for vague comparative readings.

To do this, you’ll need to install a normal network adapter in the K7T Turbo-R machine as well.

Review: Iwill KKPlus-R and MSI K7T Turbo-R Limited Edition Socket A motherboards.

Well, if it is, it shouldn’t be. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.


I was always under the impression that blackness was what made computers faster, and that redness only worked for cars, but MSI seem to disagree. So place your bets, and let’s see how the brothers-KK duke it out! This can give a small performance gain in RAM-intensive tasks, but does nothing noticeable lk266plus most tasks and may not be supported by your RAM.

Here’s the KK’s drive connectors, which have exactly this problem. Interleaving can kk266pllus a worthwhile speed boost for some tasks, but, again, you shouldn’t expect miracles. If you want more outputs, though, the KKPlus-R can oblige. But this is still just FSB overclocking; you can do a lot better by unlocking your CPU multiplier and doing it properly. So let’s bounce ’em off each other, shall we?

Motherboard Watch: Iwill KK266Plus-R, Plus

Apparently Iwill will be providing these as standard equipment, to help overclockin’ fools get their FSB up into kk266plud stratosphere. It has, as standard, a C-Media CMI MX sound chip, which is an all-singing, all-dancing, all-features unit that should please gamers, home cinema enthusiasts and people who want to use their PC as a dirt cheap audio workstation. The rest of the motherboard feature set ought to carry more weight for most people. You still need to refer to the motherboard documentation to find out what the codes mean, mind you, and ko266plus no use to you when the lid’s on the computer case.

Well, not unless someone makes a hardware setup motherboard with dozens of DIP switches, anyway.