If the server passes the video diagnostics, the video is good; see Solving undetermined problems. You installed the necessary device drivers for the application. To use the IMM remote presence function, remove the optional video adapter. Reseat the monitor cable. Sign up using Email and Password. Make sure that the correct server is controlling the monitor, if applicable. Run the diagnostic programs.

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If you suspect a problem with your monitor, see the documentation that comes with the monitor for instructions for testing and adjusting the monitor. Reseat the monitor cable.

The server has no release hatch for the light diagnostics led panel, so I assume none is present. Monitor Video adapter if one is installed Trained service technician only System board. Monitor cable Video adapter if one is installed Monitor Trained service technician only X350 board.

Monitor and video problems – IBM System x M3

Anyone an idea what’s wrong, a dead motherboard? Make sure that z3550 monitor cables are firmly connected. Trained service technician only Replace the system board.


If there is no power to the server, see Power problems. The monitor cables are connected correctly. Run the diagnostic programs. Any ideas how to reset the IMM s3550, is there a jumper workaround? The manual describes you can reset it from the server itself but since it won’t boot, I’m stuck.

No error LED’s are lit on the mainboard which would indicate the source of the problem. If an action step is preceded by ” Trained service technician only im that step must be performed only by a Trained service technician. But still no video. See Solving undetermined problems.

Monitor and video problems

The IMM website is accessible however, I vkdeo have the password and was unable to reset it. Post as a guest Name. Try using a different monitor on the server, or try using the monitor that is being tested on a different server.

The monitor has screen jitter, or the screen image is wavy, unreadable, rolling, or distorted.

Fix Central

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Unfortunately, I never took the effort the configure the IMM. The monitor is turned on and the brightness and contrast controls are adjusted correctly. If the monitor passes the diagnostic programs, the problem might be a video device driver.


You installed the necessary device drivers for the application. Observe the checkpoint LEDs on the system board; if the codes are changing, go to step 6.

Wrong characters appear viideo the screen. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Non-IBM monitor cables might cause unpredictable problems.

Magnetic fields around other devices such as transformers, appliances, fluorescents, and other monitors can cause screen jitter or wavy, unreadable, rolling, or distorted screen images. Sign up using Facebook. Used the server as a lab environment for about 2 months.

Make sure that the correct server is controlling the monitor, if applicable. The application program is not setting a display mode that is higher than the capability of the monitor. The server is turned on.