You will have to make modifications to the gpt. Dumps of EEprom for Syntor Thanks, just what I needed By rjv posted October 10th , 7: I will return the result soon vy73 mike on6jf. Thank You for the information, do you have a saved codeplug you would be willing to share???

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Interesting how this D Click to join RadioDoctor. Tuner for Professional Radios R Products list for Professional Series. Search Downloads Search Use inverted comas to refine your search.

Saber Series Radio ver. You will need this later, so write it down. You will have to make modifications to the gpt.

Expand the radio to 16 channels, Alternate Method 2 Depending on which firmware is in your radio, this may or may not work see Note above. One more scheme of simple RIB. The Motorola part number is D02, four amps.

By changing the series resistor to 1K ohm instead of ohm the problem was overcome. User manual for GP in Italian language.


Motorola Radius GP300 Programming Software

Keep us all informed if you do have a breakthrough: Tweak them down all the way inside the coils, and they will lock on Radiotronics offers two way programming at our service centre.

Program to convert 2 or 8 ch GP to 16 ch.

It would seem that these motorola radios program via a dos only machine. PRO seriesupgrade kit, R Just take one or a few of these insignificant bytes some experimentation may be required depending on by how much the cheksum is out and add or subtract a few bits of the numbers make a Checksum of the file.

Motorola GP Programming Software – HamFiles

I have 6 of these radios and wish to tune them all in to work together and would like to change some of the settings on them, im running windows 7 I tried downloading this file but they are in a cabinet file and I cant open them.

Modify the RSS with the changes available on this page to be able to program up to at least Mhz.

Remove the front of radio and the bottom cover and lift off the RF shield. In the first few lines look for a Hex number that you can easily take away 8 from. These numbers represent the 9pin serial port found on most PC’s today. But will no longer buy from this seller. Try to reprogram your radio with the extra 8 channels to give you 16 channels. Trending, Past 7 days No. A replacement zip file has now been added with all the correct files enclosed.


If you don’t get an error when you run the RSS with the new. After boot and A: RSS for MT, ver How to yp300 this version first in prog mode?? If you use 4. If they come up 1,2,1,2,1,2,1, CP50; GP68 only adjusting, no programming frequency If this doesn’t work, then try the method below.