Rfc prefers to use his own forum over Github’s issues tracker. Subscription management Please log in to manage your subscriptions. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. The App is totally free. I’ve just made a PPA for Ubuntu with the server component and a graphical indicator to handle starting it and controlling which screen it runs on – this can be added on Ubuntu with. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. A review of the new features!

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I have tried to download and install GIMP 2. Apparently doesn’t agree with xfinput-evdev-git.

I’ve used it with my Surface Pro 3 drawing to Krita and GIMP on my Linux desktop with great success, and would be very interested to see if it works as well on other hardware. Official project website installation instructions GfxTablet PlayStore. Simple windows driver This topic has been deleted. Use an Android or Windows tablet as a graphics stylus for your Linux computer self.

Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i.

Fake graphics tablet Networktablet is a program that creates a fake graphics tablet on your PC. The author and other users will see your posting and can reply to it.

On the Android market at least there is a lot of blunt repackage-open-source-stuff-with-ads going on, and I want to gfxrablet least have a clear basis for requesting such repackaging of my own software to be taken down by the Windows Store.


This one won’t work on windows. Login and other functions on this site require JavaScript. Drawing and text not working knput gimp-user. Monochromatic Enable the built-in black and white mode.

GfxTablet Free Download

If you want to support us you could send a donation on PayPal Open source development If you gfxtabllet anyone that can make a driver for Windows or Macor if you just want to enhance the app please feel free to join the development! Thanks for the reply.

Please let me know if this counts as blogspam and I’ll remove it! We fixed some fgxtablet, and it is now no longer important in which order you start app and driver.

Garbled interface text in gimp-user. Want to add to the discussion? Just download an run the exe, then start GfxTablet on your android device and start drawing. I think I know what to do, but it involves not just a simple user mode application but an system driver – at least it seems to be possible to use the user mode driver framework instead of kernel mode driver.

You can now download it and receive updates easily.

GfxTablet Android app to draw in GIMP now available in Play Store — News —

Post your own comments, questions or hints here. All seems to be good with the xfinput-evdev package from the repos. The App is totally free.


It’s running flawless without any lag or something. A fully free software licence doesn’t let me do that apart from pointing out GPL violations etc. I haven’t used it myself, but I expect it to be a bit flaky – Linux has a dedicated method for userspace things like this to fake input events, which Windows lacks, so a Windows driver is necessarily going to be more complex.


Yeah it doesn’t seem to do anything with xfinput-evdev-git package. Keep in mind it’s targeting Windows users, so I don’t expect anyone with a religious Free-Software-only bent I don’t mean that in a negative light btw to wish to use inpur

Of course, you can also ask in the chat. Requires running the uinput driver on your PC see website for details. It doesn’t show up in Gimp hfxtablet all. Thank you for creating this Windows driver, Christoph I still cannot test it myself, but I will point people to it when they ask for a windows support!