Submit a new link. Can anyone confirm this? Note Experiences of this configuration can be found in the Discussion of this page. Other distros have started phasing out xfvideo-intel in favor of the modesetting driver which the latter is more advanced on Gen 4 and later Intel GPUs see https: Each file is given a unique name and ends in. Intel From Gentoo Wiki. Will be doing that tonight when the laptop gets home to a power supply.

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Intel Graphics not functional : Gentoo

This section might not list any resolutions at all. This guide is for people who can’t get direct rendering genfoo with just Xorg. Before you can install Xorg, you need to prepare your system for it. The Option in the Device section must match the name of your monitor DVI-0which can be obtained by running xrandr.

If those don’t support it, use fbdev. For NVidia users it might be beneficial to run nvidia-xconfig in order to generate a working xorg. Run startx and be happy about the result. With this being stated, the Intel DDX driver has slight speed advantages over the generic modesetting driver as it is able to more closely interact with hardware acceleration present in chips utilizing SNA and DRI3.


Next configure the kernel to use the proper KMS driver for the video card.

Documents containing Metadata Desktop X. Not sure if that makes a difference. The thing is, my desktop seems sluggish since switching. Exit the kernel configuration, rebuild the kernel, and reboot.


Well, of course you are able to do this! Other examples can be found in the section Other resources at the end of this guide. They are not necessary for a working X11 framework. Try modprobe radeon before you start the X server replace radeon with the name of your driver. The session program to start could also be given as an argument to startx:.

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Be careful when killing the desktop with this key combination – most programs really do not like it when they are ended this way. Unfortunately I don’t know which configuration is the right one. New configuration files created in this directory may be oxrg any alpha-numeric file name, as long as the file suffix ends in. If it is, or when the brightness buttons are working, the issue is that the kernel can not detect where the brightness control is located.


Xogr Option in the Device section must match the name of your monitor DVI-0which can be obtained by running xrandr. The Hawsell wiki page says: Run X startx to discover it uses the desired resolution.

If you don’t know which drivers you should choose, refer to these guides for more information. It’s time to see if you have direct rendering and how good it is. If the screen resolution looks to be wrong, you will need to check two sections in your xorg. Exit the kernel configuration, rebuild the kernel, and reboot.

The DRM Direct Rendering Manager is an enhancement to Xorg that adds 3D acceleration for cards by adding the kernel module necessary for direct rendering. For methods of switching the keyboard layout see the Keyboard layout switching article.

So now, I come to you. This guide explains what Xorg is, how to install it, and the various configuration options.