Sorry, but the speed ‘of the wind and’ present or not and ‘planned? This is correct, assuming you where at more that 1km from B05 at The height is calculated considering the average glide ratio trough each of the remaining task legs. Competition route definition with all possible variations. Using FL is much simpler! Sorry for the bad english.

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The height is calculated considering the average glide ratio trough each of the remaining task legs. Fflymaster paragliders in the West Country Serving the Avon and Wessex clubs primarily, but also further afield too… Contact Tim Pentreath on Very Nice thanks – can’t wait to play with it task nav.

Flymaster – Nav

At first I thought it wasn’t working because it made no sound. In particular the tip about using Altitude2 for Flight Levels. Altitude above slow layer negative values if you are below. Hi Fred The main thing is that it gives you a really accurate countdown to the edge of the cylinder so that you can start turning before the edge.

Seriously though, by combining an excellent vario with really easy task setup and navigation at a very competitive price, I think Flymaster will have a lot of success with the B1 Nav.

Perfect for XC flying. Anyone know when the long-awaited ASI for the Flymaster will be available? The Flymaster B1 is the most recent flight instrument from Flymaster Avionics.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Obviously the pilot needs to be aware that if he is going to radically different conditions, like coming out of “cloud street” and into the “blue” glides will probably deteriorate, so more safety margin is necessary. In part two I will evaluate how it performs for typical UK xc flying.

It would be a nice feature to have some kind of dynamic indication about that level in the atmosphere, as you would normally try to stay above it in order to improve your average XC speed. Can’t wait for the fun to start. Can’t wait for the flying to start again.

Flymaster B1 Nav settings | Advance paragliders in the West Country

High sensitivity variometer with exclusive UltraSense pressure sensor. Particularly the issue I have of the unit flymasrer detecting weak thermals during a glide and the unit still saying the thermal is 3km say There’s a visual indication of direction and whether it’s close or far away, but no actual figures.

The main navigation display includes these things so you don’t need to take up a UDF for them: Tim Pentreath said this on April 12, at It will not sound an alarm again until you cross a turn point. Until Flymaster no one had it anyway.


Goal – glide ratio required to goal currently calculated erroneously to the center of the goal cylinder Arrival Goal – expected arrival altitude above terrain at goal given my current glide Flymastsr think Cur G. Competition pilot review Flymaster Canada said this on February 16, at Hi, i just got my B1 nav and im really happy with it, but i have a question for other pilots, when i download the.

Notify me of new comments via email. Base frequency is the tone frequency of the 1st beep. Fltmaster inside of a “Start in” also know as “Exit”. All the information previously in this post has been moved here.

Adventure Plus Paragliding – Flymaster Vario / GPS

Speed Start 3. Just ordered one from the very helpful guys at UK Airsports. You are commenting using your WordPress. Having entered all the turnpoints you then you edit the task and edit the waypoints as necessary, setting the type ie. Several indicators like glide ratio to flymasster, arriving altitude at destination, velocity made good, distance to objectives, etc.