This its what I did when filling the route: For the Monarca in two weeks, here’s what I’m thinking to try: In the kml-file it is the GPS heigth that is associated with a position. Also the navigation arrow will point out of the shortest path out of the start cylinder. You can’t choose which heigth to download. And from someone who forgets to reset A2, altitude above take off has proved very useful!

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Lucky for us, it doesn’t stop by itself!

Thanks, I get it now. The actual glide ratio towards the active turn point. BUT distance to start is the distance to the nearest edge of the start cylinder, not a calculated bounce that heads down the course.

Alexis roxburgh said this on April 12, at It is this glide info it then uses to calculate the “Arrivals” flymastwr, and provides pretty accurate results we have had very positive feedback. There’s a visual indication of direction and whether it’s close or far away, but no actual figures.

Goal The ones that existed when the last manual was made are explained in more detail there in the order they appear in the manual: Sorry, but to end a flight must turn off the power?


From the current position and flying through all pending turnpoints.

Flymaster – Nav | Utah Paragliding

Things are looking up: This glide ratio is calculated from the integrated vario over the current ground speed. Maybe in spring when we get strong climbs we should use setting 0, then in summer when it mellows a bit we should switch to setting 1? You are commenting using your WordPress. The direct distance to the point of take off.

Over Goal is the altitude difference between your current position and the goal on the ground Arrival Goal is your estimated future altitude over the nzv if you don’t thermal anymore I think you are correcti missed the current in A. This can actually be helpful, say you are on the wrong side of the start cylinder just before the start and just need to get on the other side flyaster start, the nearest edge is really what you want to see.

The race starts in 3 flymster. Some of Flymaster B1 Features. Hi Kliber, The start on the B1nav works as an exclusion zone. Add take off, Add Start Point “B05” with 1km cylinder Hi Fred The main thing is that it gives you a really accurate countdown to the edge of the cylinder so that you can start turning before the edge.

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I’ll get my ear in when the thermals truly get going here I asked in an earlier posting if there was any way the B1 Nav can communicate directly with MemoryMap for downloading tracks or uploading routes for example? The screen is a decent size and is very clear you can adjust anv contrast and contains all the flying info on the one screen — ie.

Flymaster – Nav

Should have previewed before posting ]. After a lot of thinking this is my suggestion of settings. Not that there are too many thermals in our part of the world at the moment But there will be soon!!!

Follow Blog Enter your email address to flmaster this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Can’t wait for the fun to start. The distance to the start cylinder line.

In the vario acoustics should Base not be hz? Tim G said this on June 18, at You are commenting using your Facebook account. This means that wind, day quality and glider performance is integrated into calculation.