Latency level we expect any miracles, of course, it is big enough for recording. The sound is great and all the features are very nice to have. Honestly, after hearing some of the stuff Roland puts out these days, I was a bit concerned that quality would be an issue. I do however, think that you can find a comparable audio interface for cheaper out there, as this seems like it should be a bit cheaper than it is. Did you find this review helpful?

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Edirol Review Great quality! Asio drivers had no audible latency 5 ms Tracktion told me. There are a lot of audio interfaces out there like this, so definitely make sure to do your homework before deciding on one.

The Edirol UA 25 would be a good starter interface. This was due to the grounding and, in fact, using it on uz-25 laptop on battery power, the problem disappeared. Everything worked like it was suppose caputre and never froze up my computer or my program.

As I said earlier, the only “incompatibility” that I met was electric. This functions correctly, noise on all outputs so a PYLE mini hum corrected the issue. It’s solid, I took with me in concert and on vacation.


Edirol UA-25 Digital Recording Interface

But the worse of all is that on my PC, everytime I disconnect the UA and replug it in, my PC reports a new USB device, and apparently forgets where the driver is, forcing me to reinstall. I use it especially for the sound of conferences, but also to catch live musical groups.

Without this interference problem, this card would have been isb. Everything is marked on the map itself.

It’s all there, and easy to use. In any case I regret this one too, okay.

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As far as I can tell, it lives up to expectations. It will serve its purpose though but for more complex stuff uzb just wont cut it. People who bought this also bought. This isn’t aaudio most well made piece of gear out there, but it gets the job done at a cheap price that makes it a viable option for people with all budgets.

Even if you have a good mic you still wont be able to see its full potential using the Edirol UA The Edirol UA Digital Recording Interface features an analog limiter, which reduces sudden overload sounds common in field recording and popping sounds without sacrificing sound quality. Apart from that, she rarely spineless, drivers are opes.

Edirol UA Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Roland makes a great product that is both small and convenient as well as reliable. Except for the fact that audko has this driver issue, I am totally happy with it.


The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. Honestly, compressor and limiter are not great. Originally posted on FutureProducers. I needed a simple interface that is not the first prize.

The buttons are long and thin, I would have preferred short and stubby. If you are happy with You pick the gear quickly. If you have ua2-5 go digital, this is the way to do it I was motivated by price, MIDI input and output, and everything else that looked really good it was my first card, I never knew absolutely nothing. It really limits to what one wants.

Cheap, Portable Capturee, the limiter is nice in recording nothing crazy but practicalthe men 96khz I’ve never served, nor the mind, but otherwise everything is working normally now.