You can connect them to the J Bluetooth interface Bluetooth module is not included 5. This thing is supposed to be done by next Tuesday, but with only one more lab day available to us before then, I’m not sure how far we are going to get. Target data is uploaded by a background task through the serial interface SCI1 and displayed through the regular Simulink block e. View all 5 project logs. Slightly more efficient FIR filter. Any feedback on what may still not work or what could be improved is highly valued and always welcome.

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Dragon12-Plus2 and Ultrasound sensor HC-SR04

If this does not work, you need to restart your PC. Go to the FTRL driver installation and verification page for operating procedures: However, all introduced topics can easily be transferred to Freescale 9S12 based systems e. Rdagon12-plus project will be completed using an assembly dragoon12-plus program on the Dragon12 development board for the HCS12 microcontroller. I actually think that I have the flow of the program complete.


I hope to work some sort of library structure into the mix to improve the organization of the project. This is the PS0 signal.

This is the GND Wire4: White from pin 6 of J42 on the Dragon12 to pin 3 of J1 on the Thunderbird Your Password Forgot your password? Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates.

You should Sign Up. This is the PS0 drayon12-plus Wire2: I also worked out a lot of the logical flow. A quick look at the many textbooks or the many datasheets that describe these microcontrollers will confirm this. The driver for the FTRL must be installed dragon12p-lus before using the board. Metrowerks CodeWarrior Stationery for Dragon12, flat memory model.

There is essentially dragon21-plus forever loop in the main function. This book does not contain an explanation of the assembly language used to write the C functions.

EVBplus Shopping – Students

A number of hardware specific blocks have been provided to give access to the various hardware units of the microcontroller, e. The following lecture notes complement the above laboratory sessions. I was able to get the LCD to display keypad digits and characters.


The latter is completely independent of the target code. Macro to write a blank line to the LCD.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time as I was getting close – I think. Nevertheless, the present release runs reasonably well.

It is possible to extend this to a maximum of 14 kByte. The pdf documentation has been updated to include these new blocks. Already have an account? The current draft of this loop is shown below: Most target specific parameters can be defined using the Real-Time Workshop options page e.

Elevator Simulation

All of the major loops and subroutines and returns appear to be functioning as I intend them to. Simple IIR filter transfer function realisation.

Made quite a bit of progress on the logical flow and organization of the project. Laboratory handouts — 8 introductory laboratory handouts.