If that doesn’t work, what else are backpacks for? Well, sh i t. Effects-wise, the only thing that the bass driver does is to add distortion to the bass, but it does so very well. Around the middle of the spectrum, it gets thicker, and fatter, until, at the near-full to full positions, you get all-out fuzz. It’s also built like a tank, and is small enough to fit in a suitable gig bag. Someone requested a review for this, so here we go.

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Login or Sign Up. Thus, this pedal is like a multieffects, but for a single effect, in this case, distortion. Good pedal for the money. Last edited by Charmand G; at I just can’t wait to get a good wah, then the Tim Bob will be nailed.

I only wish there where some way to save settings. The PD7 has very few settings, and even when you mess with them, the distortion sound remains pretty much the same, with tiny, minor differences.

Digitech XBD Bass Driver Guitar Effect Pedal

This is a metal pedal. Find More Posts by Charmand G.


The time now is I wish i got it earlier. Find More Posts by gaslight. About this product Product Identifiers Brand. If you want a great tubey overdrive get a Budda Phat Bass it is the xbd/bsss for that. Hope this helps others. Enough here to make you twist knobs forever. At some point digitech lightened up the weight of the X-series pedal before they discontinued it.

Find More Posts by bmxinbassist. The tone knob allows for a brighter sound when you turn clockwise.

This bix really adds a sweet distortion and helps bring out the harmonics of any of my basses. No problems there, unless there isn’t enough space to put it in especially if you’re using a hard-case. I can’t state enough how great this feature is, because it gives you a large range of distortion to choose from. The II pro has great overdrive, but it is a classsic overdrive, not like the Digitech.

Digitech XBD Bass Driver Guitar Effect Pedal | eBay

Find More Posts by Esp Griffyn. I like to run 2 amps simultaneously. Also allows xbd/basss to blend all the other effects that you’ve already set on the bass driver for that elusive distortion you’re after.


Many people ask questions about overdrive and distortion for bass, so I thought it might be helpfull with a review of this digktech I would know because it took me a few months to find that perfect blend between the soft distortion and fuzzy distortion that I use whenever I play some heavy metal on the bass.

Lets say that distortion is comprised of two things.

Affects how much the distortion effect is mixed with the clean signal. For any tone suck that happens, I compensate by adding it xbd/bass in on my clean amp. Here you will have either nothing, some or alot. This thing really just dominates every other distortion I have ever heard, besides maybe Chris Squire’s. One nagging problem, though: Even on my w ampeg cab it decreases. Show less Show more.