To use the driver, you must reactivate it. However, you might want to create a DriversUser for example and assign security equivalence to that user. As I see now, will not work. Used when the driver is connecting remotely to the connected system. Designer includes two suboptions:

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When this driver starts for the first time, it performs a search on the application. The shim is called to execute commands on the connected system after the Output Transformation runs. This package contains the default JSON configurations.

The available ndds are Default and Custom. For example, you can use your Twitter user name and password to log in to a client application.

Driving your success is our passion We place your success at the heart of how we do business. If you select Publish, fill in the following parameters: The connected system administrator should maintain a separate CSV file for every custom entitlement. The driver uses the specified ID and password for authentication when processing the requests. You use an API defined by Java interfaces to create your own custom Java classes that have access to the data passing through the Subscriber and Publisher channels.


Leave this field blank when server authentication is not used.

Using DXCMD via Policy – s

You should exclude any administrative User objects for example, Admin and DriversUser from synchronization. Select the appropriate customer handlers. The files contain extension functions for the driver that Identity Manager loads when the driver starts. When requesting for authorization, the client receives an authorization grant from the resource owner. You can add or remove the Global Configuration objects, and you can change the order in which the objects are executed.

It must be the same password that is specified as the Remote Loader password on the Remote Loader. There are much better ways to build a nodeset, but the big question is why don’t you just build a string and call the method that takes a string instead?

Continue to click OK to install any additional package dependencies. A user resource is eligible to reconcile and synchronize the entitlement changes.

I had wondered, how you chose which possible option you were using. Specify the IP address of the server where this driver is installed and the port that this driver listens on.

NetIQ REST Driver Implementation Guide

If the remote server does not send an Authentication ID, leave this field empty. Specify the HTTP connection time out value.


Product Container object onto a NetWare server. The driver policy transforms that XDS command with an output transformation policy. If you select Yes, use the following information to complete the configuration of the Remote Loader: Other Information in the Library The library provides the following information resources: The Democratic Debate By the Numbers Couldn’t the workflow kick off the migrate?

Hierarchy For Package com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.cmd

You should ensure that the policies and filters reflect your business needs. Therefore, ensure that new users are added to the Publisher channel after the first polling cycle completes. For example, Users, Groups, and Entitlement. These vents are then pushed to the Identity Novel.

Shon previously posted that you dirml use the functionality described here: The driver requires rights to objects within the Identity Vault. Proceed to Section 3.