This window displays the The page timeout defines the maximum time the local Link Manager will wait for a baseband page response from the remote device at a locally initiated connection attempt. Measuring EDR Characteristics of Record the power in the table for each setting. Rf Test Cases 5. The information contained in this document is subject to change without prior notice.

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Page 65 Tone level dBm0: Before reading this value ” READ: The tester will activate test mode if the test mode is not activated yet and will set all necessary parameters of the test mode depending on the Test Mode, Packet type and Hopping mode parameters. Description This command reads pass rate of all maximum frequency deviations from the average frequency for the pattern in Hz divided by Or enter data with Key Pad.

The frequency is RX frequency of a tester. Set Signal Generator output level to —10 dBm 4.


Measuring Edr Characteristics Of Dut 3. Page Appendix B.

TESCOM – Test Instrument

Operating Environment Then, rotate the handle to the desired position. Description This command reads maximal drift rate in hundreds Hz per 50 us. CH [ Output power configuration ] Controls for these functions are arranged on several screens. Example Using Dll 5. Indonesia Bahasa – Bahasa. Installation Chapter Installation This section provides the information needed to install the TCC Bluetooth Tester, including information pertinent to initial inspection, power requirements, environment, upgrade, storage, and shipment.

Go to Startenter type Connectand then select Connect from the list of results.

Tescom TC-3000C Bluetooth Tester

Edr Relative Transmitter Power etp 5. Description This command reads hopping mode. This differently works depending on profile type.

If pressing the Connect button in action center doesn’t find your device, try the following:. When this menu is pressed the Value minimum number of samples: This screen shows how many packets received and transmitted for each packet type. To access FM Modulation screen, press soft key. SetTime parameter to modify the value use: You should be familiar with the front panel, the various test screens, and knob operation. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a WiGig dock.


X-axis means position of PSK payload. Page The frequency channel is the value from 0 to In this Test Case, all default values of parameters are optimized in consideration of the test time.

The DUT is set to transmit on the given frequency channel. If the method of test mode activation is not prepared, you have to use a verification method that can check the performance of the product in Normal mode such as the audio measurement method. You can choose Loopback or Transmitter or Null Packet.

Page 55 BER Spec: