On-line signal averaging will also decrease slope error measurement. First choose how AO1 will be used. Note that the current WinLTP 2. Imposing averages of sweeps for 10 min before an LTP inducing theta burst stimulation. Therefore, if the program crashes, the data in the Spreadsheet that has not been save will be temporarily lost.

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P1 Sweeps actually a few hundred more would be necessary. Analysis of every EPSP using the baseline of the first pulse. However, if there was never any protocol file saved, then only the integral default values will be initially operating as indicated by the default.

This is because of the large 5 dgidata output buffer in the Digidata x 3 seconds and in WinLTP itself 2 secondsand a 0. LTP induction can be produced by: P0 or Averaged sweeps eg.

To use the MaximumSlope measurement Fig. All these traces can be shown on the screen and saved to a data file. Please email me with your contact info and we can chat that way.

Axon Instruments DigiData 1322a 16-bit Data Acquisition System

To use connect DigitalOut0 P0. The top line of the Resources tabsheet of this dialog box shows the National Instruments data aquistion board you have installed, in this case a PCIe Slope Calculation Method Dialog Box. Next check the Digodata, Slow1 and Fast0 perfusion checkboxes. The View sweep magenta trace is then loaded not exactly over the Current sweep blue trace right arrow and the ADsweep filename is put into the Current Viewed Sweep field upper left arrow.


Because of lag in the patch clamp amplifier stimulation, the correct time to take the peak will be somewhere between TimeZero and the Rs peak time. The Delay value was changed from to 60 sec at arrow, but it only changed for the next Delay period.

Compare this with the Hz low-pass filtered traces in Fig.

Axon Digidata 1322A

As discussed in Section 3. Therefore, if there is a lot of noise, the Peak Amplitude measurement will be artificially increased by the extraneous noise. The addition of stepper control dibidata tube placement allows dual- or triple-line perfusion patch-clamp experiments for up to 48 solutions.

Once it has started up, use the menu commands Fig. On and off-line calculation and plotting of several waveform parameters including: Test that AxoScope or pClamp recognizes the Digidata x board, and test that it is basically working correctly.

If the time in the S0 or S1 Blank field is set too short, then the stimulus artifact is not entirely blanked, if it is set too long but not ridiculously long generally there aren’t any problems as long as the peak amplitude is not clipped.


WinLTP is actually capable of generating four different sweep stimulations with different stimulation capabilities on each.

Axon Instruments DigiData A bit Data Acquisition System | eBay

Auto 0 to 15 ms before pulse “” MaxSlope: To turn all channels off has to be done manually. For connecting the digital outputs: The right figure shows a protocol which produces a sweep every 60 sec or 1 min, and loops for 60 times to give a total duration for a single MainProtocol of 1 hr.

When the MainProtocol starts again, xaon Continuous Acquisition file is created to begin acquiring more data.

Set the appropriate pulse amplitude in the Pulse Amp edit field. This problem does not occur as much with the Maximum Slope method. B LTD stimulation with one extra Delay period. We have directly tested the 0. We do not necessarily recommend such a digifata, but it should be considered.

After the MainProtocol was run, the A Calculations are normally made on 4 averaged sweeps, but 20 averaged sweeps are used during LTD stimulation.