Can the old microscope adapter be used eg. We will then immediately re-ship the product to you. Learn more about AVer Document Cameras. Please download this most updated Send command table: It comes with the following selections: We will be closed on Monday December 31st and Tuesday January 1st.

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AVerVision F50

To stop the recording, press the “Recording” button again. Change the image display mode to Microscope. Click for More Info. The F50 does not come with mounting documemt on the bottom of the d50. Please download this most updated Send command table: How do I turn off the on-screen display of the AVer logo? Attach the microscope adapter to the AVerVision camera head. F50 Document Camera Downloads Updated: Are You Shipping to California?

We don’t offer free shipping but we do ship to Alaska, Hawaii, U.

AVer FM Document Camera | AVer USA

Adjust the focus of the microscope. I have no regrets about getting the document camera instead of an interactive white board.

avervusion Once you have properly secured the camera head to the camera holder, you may use the arm to carry AVerVision F The video will save in. Is it possible to use the F50 without a computer?


AVer AVerVision F50 Document Camera

Take caution when using earphones. AVI format in your SD card. Make sure there are sufficient lighting in the room or Turn on the LED lamp on your document camera head. No, a new microscope adapter for the F50 also works with the F30 will be introduced. Are you shipping this product to an address in California? Specifications and Package Content image sensor: This enables you to transfer the captured image from the built-in memory or SD to a computer. Can you record video with audio with the F50?

The picture on the presentation screen is distorted or the image is blurry. Yes, you can record video with audio using the on-board recording or through the software provided.

Zero in on the smallest details and reach students all the way in the back of the class. Can the old microscope adapter be used eg. Then connect it to the AVerVision and microscope. Microscope adapters, lightbox, anti-glare sheets, padded carrying bag Onboard Annotation Plug your mouse or AP20 directly into the F50 and immediately annotate over you image. Would you like to be notified when this product is back in stock?


Only the audio from the video playback is supported. Return to your PC or Notebook, place the mouse on the desktop cocument right click, choose “Properties”, choose “Setting” tab, click on “2” monitor and check the box “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”. Is the F50 hi-def? Nothing puts on a show like the 8 megapixels of the FM document camera that is primed to show crisp text, bright images, and vivid colors. We will then immediately re-ship the product to you.

If your output device does not support this resolution; no image can aevrvision projected.