Maybe this is because we were constantly opening the battery compratment to change the batteries. If you shoot at full resolution and then scale down and do a little extra post-processing, though, you can get quite decent results from this toy-cam. CompactFlash cards worked fine; stuff stayed on them until I deliberately deleted it. CyberLink’s PowerDirector Pro 2. You’re meant to look at it from a normal LCD-viewing sort of distance. Do not expose the camera to high temperature or leave it in direct sunlight. And there’s some version or other of Microsoft’s free-to-download-and-included-in-current-Windows-versions NetMeeting , and an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the paper documentation.

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And, heck, maybe if you buy a Pocket DV2, you’ll get a camera that actually works properly anyway. Aiptek recommend you run the Pocket DV2 from “high performance” alkaline AAs, but my bench power supply and ammeter suggest otherwise.

This is just my ridiculous idea for what you can do with this thing. Now, a memory card will add a significant amount to the price of the Pocket DV2.

I have a 32 and got about 80 pics on it when I was at the NYC auto show. Colour saturation is good, white balance is fine, focus is OK toy-cams with fixed focus lenses do not do well on close subjectsand it’s not too grainy.

Aiptek Pocket DV2 Installation Manual

For best quality video, move the camera slowly during filming. In AV mode, the camera’s image preview has a startlingly higher frame rate than the little LCD can manage. Pokcet they don’t like doing it, and you don’t get as much total energy out of them before they die as you would if you presented them with a lighter load. Apart from the fact that regular humans can afford them, baby-cams are also small and light and, generally, very easy to use.


Click on ” My Computer ” or Windows Explorer.

Here’s one minute of tanky goodness, including an engine start, a bit of driving, a couple of main gun shots the camera caught the muzzle flash light on poc,et first shot, but it came between frames on the second onea bit more driving, and an engine stop. When recording audio with the backlight off, the camera drew mA.

Click the above picture and you’ll get a pixel wide version of the D60’s pixel wide original. So, perversely, this cheap little plastic object could actually come in handy for someone walking around with a primary digital camera that cost more than his or her car.

The config menu lets you do the usual digital camera tasks – change image resolution and quality, review what you’ve got so far, and so on – but it’s still something of a revelation for a tiny-cam.

Mega DV Manager is especially annoying because of its musical interface. Press the wheel plcket access the auptek, press the shutter button to take a picture it takes about two seconds to save the image, or a bit more if you’re using a slow CompactFlash cardpress the video button to capture a clip.

Visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store and ask an associate for help. The image on the TV updates as fast as it would if you’d plugged a normal camcorder in – it’s just not quite as pretty.

Aiptek Pocket DV2 Digital Camera Batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs

The installation menu should open automatically. The Pocket DV2, like many consumer digital cameras, also delivers rather more saturated colour than actually exists in the real world; most people will consider this to be a feature rather than a bug. Focus Focus Set focus before taking pictures. Now I can only use it as a web cam which by the way makes your image go greenish sometimes but I guess that for that use you can get a less expensive and better working web camera.


Aiptek Pocket DV2 Digital Camera Batteries

There seems to be some kind of industry rule that every cheap PC video product has to come with poocket least one Ulead product, but that’s generally not so bad; it’s the applications with the toy-cam maker’s logo on them that usually drive users to drooling and gibbering.

Aiiptek doesn’t do well in low light, so don’t expect to use it for recitals, graduations, or weddings. Focus Focus Focus Set focus before taking pictures. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Read reviews that mention compact flash voice recorder lcd screen digital camera waste your money flash card memory card little camera another thing much better easy to use lot of fun take pictures take a lot videos and pictures best camera bought this camera great little camera and voice camera and a camcorder.

You also get this little fold-up tripod. The Pocket DV2 is very simple to use, despite its plethora of functions. Call us at We strive to provide the best price available on BatteriesPlus. Your camera also comes bundled with the following video and image processing software. Well, this isn’t my best written review ever, but I think I got my point across.

If dv22 you want xv2 do is take pictures, you could easily get away with the internal memory, pockt there was as much of it as Aiptek promised and if it didn’t suffer from amnesia. The Pocket DV2’s lens is good, by toy-cam standards.