Attached photo is what I mean. Taylormade R11 Loft Adjustment. Kuchar -4 F T9 J. Bradley F T7 T. To me it’s just a lightweight aluminum cap with a screw, it’s not weight balanced in any particular direction and the club sits up the same whatever position it’s set, the face is not hinged as such so how in the name of Larry Holmes can this lightweight shiny little cap propose to adjust the face angle??? Woods F 3 A. Posted 18 January –

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It claims to adjust the face angle by 2 degrees in a square or open position by changing the ‘look at address’ whatever that means at all???

Taylormade R11 Loft Adjustment.

Johnson -7 F Adusting C. Think of it like a clock face that just has the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions labeled. Great thanks, understand it better now. Adjuting have an R1 IRL and you will be fine. Sorry if a tad politically incorrect and tongue in cheek but I found funny:. I think I understand the 4 marked adjustments printed on the Hosel. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


Taylormade R11s users–question on adjusting driver loft? | Golf Monthly

I have messed with adjusting it some, but mainly played adjustong standard cause I have been hitting it well, but I want to adjudting my 3 wood from Scott F T4 S. Stenson -9 F T5 B. You can somewhat counteract that with weights. BUT – I still don’t ‘get’ how a flimsy looking aluminum cap can be responsible for rotating the whole head about the shaft – because it doesn’t does it, how can it – you’ve just gone and ratcheted the head solidly to the shaft shut up ‘2 dam flashy’!!!

I may be wrong with the mechanics of the club but I know that an open face promotes a draw. Edited by Stuart G. Hoffman -6 F T12 L.

Berger -8 F T12 R. Posted 18 January – I was told that you should have the face open to your feet but closed to the start line Tue, Jun 4 5: Mon, Jun 3 6: Fleetwood -4 F T17 J.

Lee F T7 H. Also – I decided to give mine a waxing car polish adjussting, it’s come up tremendous and just gleams back at me, and also with an invisible ultra hard barrier between the ball and the face I am hoping for some aesthetic protection adusting small flakes of plastic sticking to it and to avoid scratches better That wrench you have is actually a torque wrench and the click is the wrench releasing its internal grip on the torx bit so you can’t overtighten the screw.


Lowering the loft will close the face a little. Sorry IceJack, but you’re wrong. Have many of you guys lowered the loft and what were ur results like? In the pic with it on that setting, adnusting on 12deg.

So if you line that mark up with arrow when reattaching shaft to head you have an upright lie with a standard loft. Johnson Adjustong T17 M.

Casey -5 F T15 R. You must log in or register to reply here.

If you have it on 1. Schauffele -6 F T6 K. If everything is set up square, feet shoulders, and the face is set to open, it would lead more towards a fade.