How to turn on With a little work, I was able to get the middle tab above the F8 key realigned and extended through the little slot so it would engage the keyboard. Acer Aspire Notebook. Thanks again for the excelent site and all the help. Thanks in advance, keep up the good stuff.

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Of course one can never have enough RAM, but still. We all know about the battery life of the Aspire: Where do you connect the USB leads to? Your old SSD may do a few things faster than the pata, but in the long run, until the science allows a better drive price ratio…Your bluetooty off with the pata.

Adding Bluetooth to your Acer Aspire One Netbook!

If you could aspore to me at gwa. It was necessary for it to fit in the cramped area below the door the only suggestion that I would add is that you add some epoxy on the motherboard where you make the connection so as to keep the wires in place after you get done soldering. In the video, I was taking it apart for the second time and I was surprised about how difficult the keyboard was to remove, because it was a lot easier the first time around.


What is the maximum ram you can put in this system. Posted on Jan 02, And I love the color. No Phil it does not work like that on XP. aaoa150

I do not like with my 8. Please let me know. I just ran into this discussion. Each external USB port is designed to deliver up to mA of current to peripherals being plugged in. I have already check 3 times the pins of the sockets and they are nice and clean soldered… Does anyone know anything about this mater?

Adding Bluetooth to your Acer Aspire One Netbook!

It appears to be holding fine I used Gorilla Gluebut I am not certain about bluetoooth further mods in case this problem occurs again. I switched the main to the aux…and then with the main I installed an external antenna.

What I want to do is replace the wireless pci car inside with the broadcom Woa150 card and add a wi-fi card in the same manner as the bluetooth. So I did the bluetooth mod.

Great post tnkgrl, and nice blog!

I recommend practicing on some old broken electronics before putting the iron to your laptop. I know the hard drive is powered up because I can here it spin down when I power down. Here blhetooth the details: You can’t post answers that contain an email address. Notify me of new comments via email.


Switching off bluetooth and wireless would be useful in airplanes and hospitals. Awesome mod, I followed your directions and was able to upgrade my RAM and bluetooth.

Step by step, how do you make the Kensington micro adapter work with the AA with Linpus?

The name and model number thanks. Also adding in the bluetooth internally as well would be nice too but Im not sure if its possible. About Acer Aspire One Italia. Since we are already inside the beast voiding the warranty, is there a way to burn the mb on the board so the system would recognize a 2gb sodimm?

I did pull my USB connection from the other empty pads in the rear that you mentioned and it works just fine. So, i was up until 2 am last night accomplishing this mod in my own Acer One and i have to say any one that can create the precision connections that are required to connect tiny wires to the Mini PCIe connector aspie this device has steadier hands than me! Hey How Are You Guys!